About Rattlecan Skate and Scooter Shop

About Rattlecan Skate & Scooter Shop

Who are we? Rattlecan is a family business that we started in a shack on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere in 2013. It still amazes us how many people come our way. Here are some videos of us just being us…

What are we? We are a shop that sells and services pro-scooters, bmx, mini bmx, skateboards, and long boards. Sometimes we carry other fun rides- like pro- pogo sticks- so keep checking with us. We never carry anything we cannot stand behind.

How did we get our name? Rattlecan is a term used by artists for the spray paint can used to produce graffiti art- better known as ‘tagging’. Our Rattlecan logo is the nozzle found on the top of the spray paint can. If you look closely, you will see a flaming dove hidden in our design. The flaming dove is a symbol of God’s Holy Spirit, and as believers we wish to invite God to be a part of all we do.  Much like graffiti brings life and beauty to worn and lifeless objects, so much more does the Holy Spirit in us and through us. Tag on!